MidCamp 2017

Greetings Drupalers,

 Once again is has been a while (OUCH! It’s been 7 months) since I last made a post here.  That is because, unfortunately, I have been divorced from Drupal for the last 6 months.  It was not of my doing, but there are those times that the real world steps in and dictates one’s priorities, and taking a contract position to do phone support in the Networking field does pull one away. 

Drupal MidCamp (Chicago)

I just finished spending the weekend at a Drupal Conference.  I attended Drupal MidCamp that started on Thursday March 19 and finished on Sunday March 22.  I had a great time and I was definately needing the comradery and the exposure that I received at camp.

This was the the third Drupal Event like this that I had attended.  The first one was in Madison Wis at the end of July last year and the Fox Valley Drupal Camp that was in early September.  It was so great attending the sessions, rubbing shoulders with other Drupaliers and immersing myself in the Drupal Community.