Ignoring Files on a Local Repository

We maintain maintain many websites on the Pantheon Platform.  One of the things that we must do when creating local repositories is create a settings.local.php file for storing our local credentials so this information is not shared, nor does it break the site when you bring it down and push it back up.  I wish to not have git continually asking if I wish to track this file and I do not wish to take a chance of commiting it accidentally so, with help, I was told of this method to ignore the file locally and not have that addition to .gitignore not conflict or interfere elsewhere.

LNMP stack for Drupal 8

In my previous post i mentioned taking notes on how I'm building my new LNMP stack to support my Drupal 8 sites.  Below are those notes. I noted the commands used as well as a few links to get more info for some of the functionality.  

# After installing Debian 8.3
# Update Repository
apt-get update

# install Nginx & Mariadb
apt-get install nginx mariadb-server mariadb-client 


# Edit Source list for php7 repositories

Productive couple of months

I have been a bit distracted the last couple of months.  As they say, "time flies when you're having fun," and that has been the case for me.  I have been to busy with things to remember to come back here and write about my experiences.  I have had the distiction of starting my first colaborative Drupal project during the last month and a half.  I have been teamed with another developer on a simple Drupal site, not very complicated, and not very lucrative financially, but it's value is more with training and learning to use some of the tools Drupalers use for projects, collaboration and site version control.  This is something that has not been covered in my limited Drupal experience.
These tools are such things as