October 2017

Composer, Drush & Drupal 8.4.0

On my system (Debian 8.3) I was using Drush 9.0-dev (I know, you should never use a dev version in production but I did this before I knew any better).  To make a long story short I tried to change my drush version to the latest (at this time 8.1.13).  I researched what I needed to do to make this change but nothing worked.  I ended up having to remove (rename the syslink) and then installed the version I wanted with composer.

To remove (rename) the old version of drush:
     1)  rename /usr/bin/drush to /usr/bin/drush.v9
     2)  rename directory  /usr/local/src/drush to  /usr/local/src/drush.v9-dev  
           #optional but if you don't rename it you can use
           Drush 9.0-dev by issuing the command drush.v9

To install Drush 8.1.13:
     1)  composer global require drush/drush:8.1.13
     2)  export PATH="$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH"
     3)  source ~/.bash_profile