February 2015

I've been down but I'm not out

Time flies when I am pulling out my hair.  I have been through so many things, much to many to have kept track here.  

What have I done over the last 4 months?

  1. I rebuilt my VM, upgrading to a newer version of Debian LINUX
  2. I rebuilt my web server implimenting Nginx, Mariadb, php, and Drupal.
  3. Survived a major security breach in Drupal v7.33
  4. Transitioned all my Drupal sites to the new web server (so eveything is in one place now).
  5. I have just completed upgrading a friend's e-store from Zencart to Drupal Commerse Kickstart 2.

After surviving the last 4 months I feel like things are finally starting to calm down and I am finding that my level of confidence is starting to feel adequate.  Working with Commerce Kickstart has been an uphill climb, having stuck with the out-of-the-box settings for my friend's e-store (which was an easy thing to do since the sample store is clothing, and my friend's store is lingerie).

My current project (which is about 50% complete) is an e-store for an artist friend.  She will be selling paintings, prints, Wearable art and other items.  I am building this store in Commerse Kickstart but I am starting from scratch.  Its been a little shakey but it is coming together much easier than I suspected it would.  I hope to have it ready for my friend to review by the end of the weekend.

Another website that I completed was my High School Reunion website.  The new website has additional functionality that I am proud of.  Though the site is not perfect, it is much better than it's predecessor with added features like a list of those who might attend the reunion, a scrap book and a timeline to make the website more friendly and fun.  

Now its time to get back to the grindstone.

Been Productive

I have got a lot done since my last post.  I have 1 site that has gone live (MadameWiladina.com) after 4 months work.  It is an online store that sells lingire.  So far the feedback has been very positive.

The other website I am working on is a site that is another online store. This one is for selling artwork.  As with the MadameWIladina site, this one is using Commerce Kickstart2.  They do look a lot similar (since I used the same default template for both sites) but under the hood both sites are quite a bit different.

MadameWiladina is built from the Demo store (since both are designed for selling clothing) so I reused a lot of the code and did not have to customize much of the site but for the Art-Store I started from scratch (after having to figure out how to get Commerce Kickstart to load without the Demo Store under Aegir).

Because I started from scratch most everything setup on the site was my work and believe it or not, while doing this I started to feel confident in what I was doing.  Maybe after 10 months of working up to doing this as a full time gig I am starting for get my confidence.  We will see how this works out.