July 2014

The sky has fallen, the sky has fallen

Well, my attempts at learning Omega 4 was a total disaster. It turns out the Omega 4 uses Sass and in order to use Sass one must install all kinds of other program/tools. The procedure for windows was tedious and ended up not working very well so I figured I would install it on my LINUX VM but ended up being just as frustrating and in the process of trying to get Sass installed I ended up hosing up the OS. I ended up reinstalling LINUX twice because the first time reinstalling it I upgraded everything and ended up with incapability issues (guess I need to learn much more about LINUX before doing anything as advanced as upgrading php to 5.5 and drush to 7) but I finally got things up and running again and I decided to abandon Omega 4 for the moment. I got Aegir back up and running and installed a couple of distributions, Commerce KickStart and Bahai Incubator

The current plan is to use Commerce KickStart to move MadameWiladia.com from Zencart (that has not had an update in over 2 years (that has me nervous)) to Drupal, and Bahai Incubator for my High School reunion website (that I coded from scratch) for experience in putting together a website with more "bells and whistles" for practice. I had the client look at the site and she liked what she saw but hated the "grey" of the default theme so I decided to look into what it would take to customize the theme. I got experience with Firefly when I did the CSS tutorial but had a dificulty making sense as to "what and why" we were making use of it. I had used it to play around but it was never very useful to me but.... The other complication I had was re-aquainting myself with setting up sub-themes (and my other "AH-HA" moment, the realizing that to make changes in CSS, its as easy as editing the CSS element in a sperate CSS file and setting up that file to over ride the default value. This made it that much easier While working to customize the Commerce site something kicked in and I had another "AH-HA!!!" moment. All the pieces finally fell into place and I finally understood how to put everything together. It felt wonderful to finally achieve that (and also to discover how much easier to use CSS to customize a theme). At this point I have 2 Themes customized using the default Commerce Kickstart theme and using Skeleton theme for the reunion site. Now to figure out setting up/organizing the e-store and geting the functionality done for then reunion website. Wish me luck!