Theme Dependency Error when you try to do a single item import

We were working on migrating a D7 site to D8 and in trying to import a View to the D8 site we got the following errors:

Configuration block.block.seven_menu_menu_draggable_views depends on the theme that will not be installed after import.
Configuration block.block.seven_system_main depends on the theme that will not be installed after import.
Configuration sndev.settings depends on the sndev extension that will not be installed after import.

Ignoring Files on a Local Repository

We maintain maintain many websites on the Pantheon Platform.  One of the things that we must do when creating local repositories is create a settings.local.php file for storing our local credentials so this information is not shared, nor does it break the site when you bring it down and push it back up.  I wish to not have git continually asking if I wish to track this file and I do not wish to take a chance of commiting it accidentally so, with help, I was told of this method to ignore the file locally and not have that addition to .gitignore not conflict or interfere elsewhere.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in theme_links() (line 1810 of /includes/

When you get this Warning with a sub-theme change this text in template.php (

In Theme:

if (isset($vars['main_menu'])) { $vars['main_menu_links'] = $vars['main_menu']; $vars['main_menu'] = theme('links__system_main_menu', array( 'links' => $vars['main_menu_links'], 'attributes' => array( 'class' => array('links', 'main-menu', 'clearfix'), ), 'heading' => array( 'text' => t('Main menu'), 'level' => 'h2', 'class' => array('element-invisible'), ) )); } else { $vars['main_menu'] = FALSE; }

Composer, Drush & Drupal 8.4.0

On my system (Debian 8.3) I was using Drush 9.0-dev (I know, you should never use a dev version in production but I did this before I knew any better).  To make a long story short I tried to change my drush version to the latest (at this time 8.1.13).  I researched what I needed to do to make this change but nothing worked.  I ended up having to remove (rename the syslink) and then installed the version I wanted with composer.